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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How many people can your space hold?

Our space can hold up to 100 people

Do we have tables and chairs?

Yes, but holds up to 25 people (booths, couches, round tables). We have vendors we recommend for additional tables, seating, linen and decor.

What time do CK Creative Studio close?

We close at 11:00 pm to respect the APEX apartments across the street. Music and event needs to end by 10:00 pm in order for a 1-hour clean up

Are there any additional fees?
Requires cleaning and sanitation fees is $150

Can we have a DJ?


Can we have alcoholic drinks?

Yes, we are not held responsible for any liabilities.

Can we bring food?


Do you have a fridge and prepping area for caterers?


I just need only part of the studio. Do I need to purchase the entire space for an event?Yes, for an event, we do require the entire space to be rented out do to the space being open warehouse.

Can we use our own decorations?
We allow balloons and minimal décor. Due to the nature of the space and how it is designed, we would like to keep our space mostly “as is”

Can we bring our own furniture?
Yes. Most of our furniture stays but can be moved around to fit event needs.

Can we take out CK Creative Studio Furniture?
Yes, there are certain furniture that can be removed but most stays.

Is set-up and break down hours included?
No, please add the set up time and break down times with your event time

Do you have parking?
Yes, free parking is available in front and around the studio. Disregard towing signs. They are signs for the APEX apartments across the street.

Are we able to have a Fog Machine?

Do you provide TVs and/or sound equipment?

Yes, we have three tv’s (non-portable), a projector with the project screen and 2 hand-held microphones

Is the game room included within our booking?
Yes, game room is included

Is there any limitations within the space?

Podcast booth cannot be removed, and drinks and food is not allowed in the meeting room where the marble table is located.

Thank you for visiting us. If you have a general inquiry or would like to say hello, we would love to hear from you.

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