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Will Cimone Key, herself, Work on My Project?

Cimone will work on your project either hands-on or as the creative director. She often hires interns throughout the year and has a handful of subcontractors also known as partners to help her with her projects. She has multiple partners that expand across different creative platforms that collaborate and/or work independently. She takes pride in her work so if she has to have a contractor work on your project, she will let you, the client know that she will be guiding the project as the creative director. Cimone takes value in her work and her name, therefore, your project and happiness will always be her number one priority.


Between 4-8 weeks depending on the project.

What Industry Brands Does Cimone Key Creative Studio Cater to?

Our favorite, Beauty, Fashion, Food, Entertainment & Sports. Honestly, we love working with any industry. Just because you don’t see it in our portfolio, doesn’t mean we can’t handle it.  We love a challenge. Plus ask us if we have ever designed for your industry, our portfolio shows a select few case studies.

How Much Will This Cost Me?

Let’s be frank, working with us is an investment, not a cost. You will receive ROI (Return of Investment) and leads when working with us. Our services start at $8,000.

Does Cimone Key Creative Studio Offer Retainers?

Retainers? We sure do. We have a couple of current clients on retainers for print and web design. If you are a great fit, lets chat!

What Style Do Cimone Key Creative Studio Lean More Towards?

Modern, and clean design.

Project or Hourly Base?

This all depends on the project. We mainly offer project value rates rather than hourly. Since we are experienced designers, we value the project rather than how long it will take us. We try to inform new clients that valuing time isn’t what we should be focusing on, it’s more about the outcome and how the business doesn’t have time to waste on “okay” work that took months to do. Think about this, will you pay an intern more than an experienced designer just because they took longer than the expert and the work turned out just “okay”.

Does Cimone Key Creative Studio Update Collateral?

If you are needing an entire overhaul of your website and brand identity then we are perfect! If you are looking for a designer to update an image or a paragraph on your website, change a color on a print collateral, so sorry, that type of project is not in our scope.

Does Cimone Key Creative Studio Offer Printing?

Yes! We know a couple of print shops for large to small scale printing. Let us know up front and we can add it to your package.

Does Cimone Key Creative Studio Offer Photography?

Yes! Cimone can come out to your place of business or meet up. She does headshots and product shots.

Does Cimone Key Creative Studio Design Logos?

We have moved into creating Brand Packages based on studies and research on what would be the best thing to offer a company. If you would like a logo, it is included within a Brand Package. Brand packages include research, mood boards, 3 logos, 2 final logo layout variations, strategy, brand style guide, visual mockups, brand voice, business cards, flyer, etc. We make them custom to fit your needs.

How Can I learn More About The Founder, Cimone Key?

Head to her website at www.cimonekey.com

Do CK Offer Any Other Type of Services Besides Brand, Packaging and Web Design?

We offer custom illustrations, brochures, direct mail pieces, newsletters, packaging, magazine ads, billboards and web banners which are all custom quoted. This usually happens in phase two of your project so that we can get the branding out of the way first.

Brand Identity?

The awareness of timely versus timeless, and attractiveness versus trendiness is what distinguishes this service from other branding services in the industry. There is only one chance at a first impression, and our studio aims to make its clientele unforgettable. The work involves strategically molding your brand to be relatively transformative and appealing to target audiences.

Product Package Design?

We create a personality for your products with custom packaging designs that reflect your brand identity and core values.