“If the client remains negligent to submit content materials or respond, a Notice of Deposit Forfeiture will be issued. Should client decide to continue with service after the 7 days notice grace period, a project re-opening fee equaling to 25% of the initial deposit will be charged. The fee will be invoiced to restore account status, and must be paid in full with complete submission of all project materials in order to proceed. If the client delays “x“ amount of days within the project’s timeline, “x” amount of days will be added to complete the client’s project.

During an open project, if 3 consecutive business days have elapsed without a response, then the project will enter dormant status and require a re-opening fee of 25% of the initial deposit for restoration. Re-opening fees must be fully satisfied prior to continued service. 14 days for corporate clientele.

Submission materials including edits and feedback, imagery, written copy, etc. must be in a digital, editable format and sent to CK Creative Studio, LLC. Assistance with creating and/or editing submission materials in-house is available for an additional charge. Please reach out to inquire about our graphic design, stock photography, and copywriting services.


In cases of unpreventable circumstances or family emergencies, waiver of the reprocessing fee will be considered upon the submission of written notice and proof of the event that caused abandonment.”

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