adwoa beauty

Rich like your culture
The Story

adwoa beauty wants to encourage their consumers to fall in love with their textures just as nature intended.


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There was a need and a voice to be heard in the hair and beauty industry that often neglects African-American women with kinky, coily hair textures. Today, natural hair care products contain many hidden chemicals that can harm natural curls. There are a few brands in the industry making a statement, but they are lacking in style or personality. Many natural hair care brands for African-American women struggle to set themselves apart from the competition and develop a clean, modern, and sophisticated tone.


CK Creative Studio helped create the brand identity and focused on being more than a brand but a lifestyle. adwoa beauty is a novel, cosmetic brand that is socially conscious and transparent in its ingredients and practices. adwoa beauty is a cruelty-free brand and Leaping Bunny certified. As natural hair women and men, the owners have tested everything out there. They understand the struggle to define your natural curl pattern without crunch and flakes. adwoa beauty wants to encourage its consumers to fall in love with their textures just as nature intended. adwoa beauty was formulated to focus on a healthy scalp for fast-growing hair from root-to-tip. They have taken advantage of various methods for optimal moisture and elongation to deliver happy, healthy curls for all curl types. Packaging and design elements now reflect organic African-American beauty in its natural state.

“no one wants to admit just how kinky they are. don’t worry, we are too.”

I Am Under No Obligation To Be Beautiful Physically. I Am Under No Obligation To Be Finished Or Perfect For Someone Else.

– Aj Addae