Natl. Juneteenth Museum

The first-ever National Juneteenth Museum
The Story

Cimone Key Creative Studio, are honored to be the creative agency the National Juneteenth Museum selected to be their partner for this historical monument, This will be the first-ever National Juneteenth Museum located in Fort Worth, Texas.
We helped create the brand identity, marketing collateral, website, and more.


Juneteenth commemorates the end of slavery, when slaves in Galveston, Texas, were told of their freedom — two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation. While it has long been celebrated in the African American community, Sims says the museum will be a learning experience for all. We can’t wait for you all to experience the National Juneteenth Museum.

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CKC_22_048_General Updates_juneteenth_business card mockup_reva_v1_08_16_22

Logo design: The logo encompasses two “J’s“ sitting parallel to one another to symbolize a chain. The “J’s“ disconnection symbolizes the breaking of chains from slavery to freedom. We wanted a brand that was unique, modern, timeless, and easy on the eye.


Rich red clay dirt has significant folkloric resonance within the southern African American community. Red clay dirt was a spiritual ritual and was believed it has healing principles. We are culturally healing therefore, those colors were chosen.

People just think of Juneteenth as a festival and as a Texas thing. Unity, freedom is what Juneteenth is all about.

— Opal Lee, Oprah Daily Interview