The Story

Unleash Your Greek Goddess.
Be Wild.
Be Fearless.
Be You.


Brand Identity
Brand Voice
Label Design
Website Design
Model Casting Call
Creative Direction

In collaboration with Fort Lion Studio


Oeá is a brand dedicated to hair care for the empowered, dynamic woman. She is bold and confident in her own skin. Feeling confident and beautiful is important to her, but she also wants a simple, easy hair care routine that will let her focus on conquering the world. Oeá contacted Cimone Key Creative Studio to craft a brand identity that resonated with this woman.


For starters, we chose to speak to the inner goddess. Through our logo, strategy, brand voice, packaging, labels, and commercial designs, we intersected the stories of the goddess and the brand. Ultimately, we achieved our goal of reaching many ethnicities with a fun and playful, yet elegant style.

“We are a brand that celebrates the inner confidence and natural beauty in all women.”


We exist to empower you and help you feel confident about who you are. 

 Behind The Scenes

Final Cut