Peace by Piece Book

Firm foundation of social change
The Story

Unlearning Racial Bias


Book Cover Design
Custom Typography


Peace by Piece: Unlearning Racial Bias is an interactive book that seeks to create lasting change for marginalized people groups—especially Black Americans—by engaging white allies compelled to progress.

Peace by Piece invites readers to listen, read, act, and watch by suggesting resources that will facilitate healing and conciliatory dialogue.  Reflective questions accompany each set of resources and invite the reader to consider their attitudes, emotions, and biases. To that end, the client envisioned a cover design that was peaceful, gender-neutral, and that would symbolize fragmented puzzle pieces fitting together.


Our team chose green as the foundation for the cover to symbolize peacefulness, harmony, and growth. We then custom-designed the illustrations and typography to complement the shade while also drawing the reader in. While each letter in the title is broken, its missing piece is close, as if the puzzle can only be completed through intention.

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