Working Backwards

Designed to Support People With A Disability

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The Working Backwards (WB) was designed to support and gather the wants and needs of customers who have disabilities and need accessibility. WB is the process and philosophy has always been core to Amazon and its employees from the very beginning. The current challenge is in how that is internally reflected, sometimes as more of a box to check off, rather than as a larger opportunity for innovative ideas that push outside the box. Through this brand and content refresh, the goal is to shift and expand the internal perception of Working Backwards.


The concept is innately tied to diversity, inclusion, and empathy in its focus on building impactful solutions specifically for the customer, based entirely on their wants and needs accessibility, and disability. It’s only fitting that the visual expression reflects this through a humanistically-driven aesthetic while harnessing existing elements of Amazon’s branding. Colors were chosen keeping color blidness in mind.