What We Believe

About Us

We are an intimate multi-disciplinary branding and digital marketing boutique agency located in the illustrious city of Dallas. We design in-house and collaborate with over 40+ diverse artists globally. Our services include but are not limited to, branding, web development, app development, SEO, social media marketing, and more. The company was founded in 2015 by international Creative Director, Cimone Key, who has personally served at three Fortune 500 Advertising Agencies.

In an ever-changing marketing and branding space, consumers are faced with the task of staying relevant and on top of current trends. This is a task that we face 24/7 on behalf of our clientele, ensuring that the marketing and branding for their products and services adapt to the changing times. This is a promise to our consumers that we execute with a personal and unique style.

Our Why

Our mission is to breathe life into the future generation and our culture with a diverse staff who can walk the walk and talk the talk. Our small but mighty team works in-house and collaborates with artists globally, to help satisfy our small businesses to acclaimed global brands’ establish personal and unique styles for their visual marketing and web presence needs.


Our vision is to continue to build an authentically driven, diverse, and tight-knit team that keeps equity, culture, respect, honesty, and optimistic values at the center of our brand. Employees and clients alike have our unwavering support to be themselves, achieve their goals, and produce authentic, customer-centric, and inspiring work. Within the next five years, we will consistently grow and expand our presence. Our market size will continue to increase with the expansion of our services across app design, marketing, public relations, STEM programs for minors and advertising as a whole.

The Type of Clients We Serve
Small Businesses

We offer quality graphic and design work and superb customer service catering to small business who want to look just as professional as a Fortune 500 company. Clients who come to us are ready to elevate their brand to the next level. We value their partnership just as much as they respect our work. Clients choose us because we go above and beyond by objectively brainstorming with them, dreaming with them, and creating for them.

Fortune 500 brands

Fortune 500 brands choose us because they want an authentic voice to reach their diverse customers. We offer various brand strategies, insight into different cultures, and graphic and web design services that speak to minorities. Equipping our clients with this insight ultimately reflects a genuine brand voice and bridges the gap. We are their thought partners, creative communicators, and they receive the same top-quality work as if they were working with a 25+ year agency.

“Cimone Key has been marked legendary by Fortune 500 company, Intuit®, comparing her to Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook, Jennifer Carter Fleiss with Rent the Runway, & Palmer Luckey with Oculus VR.”


Cimone Key
CEO & Founder
Dreamer and Doer

Graphic & Web Designer
Tenacious Aspirant

Administrative Assistant
Hard Charger

Jr. Graphic Designer
Authentic Creative

Art Director

Sr. Project Manager


Sr. Accountant

Obedient Lover Boy

Smooth Operator

Awards translate and recognize our talented Team

  • 1 x Site of the Day Awwwards
  • 1 x Dieline Package Design Award

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