Creativepreneur Program

Apply to Join The Next Cohort | February 2022

Are you ready to become a creative director, CEO of your own company, or a mogul in your industry? Do you want to be where Cimone Key is at in her business? Do you want to share your success and bring others with you? It takes a lot of work and dedication, but this is your shot.

Cimone Key Creative Studio’s Phase One Activation Program is for selected individuals who are ready to make their next move – straight to the top. During this interactive month-to-month program, you will learn about the basics of business, what tools and processes to use to be successful, and how to build your marketing and branding materials for your next client in Adobe Creative Suite.

 Cimone Key will be your business advisor and teacher during this fall session. As a small business owner who wears a lot of hats herself, she can attest to how beneficial a business advisor is. In her own words, “having an advisor is like having a silent business partner who has no vested interest in the business other than seeing you do your best work and be your best self.” Throughout the Phase One Program, you’ll have someone to objectively brainstorm with, dream with, and ultimately create with.

Space is limited and only a selected few will be accepted.

Ready for scalability and 10K+ monthly revenue?
Register for the Winter 2022 session here

What you will receive:
  • Financial freedom
  • Virtual meetups
  • Access to her and her network
  • LIVE monthly training call with Cimone ((1)1-hour)
  • Monthly one-on-one Q & A mindset session ((1)30-min)
  • Monthly strategy sessions to improve your business ((1)30-min)
  • On-going support From Cimone
  • Learn Cimone’s processes on how to run a business
  • Downloadable documents used by her business in order for your
    business to be successful (e.g. proposals, scheduling, and more!)
“My job as a teacher is to help you harness your creative power, expand your skills, and finally become the CEO of your own branding agency. I will teach you all that I know from Adobe Creative Suite, and set you on your way to creating a six-figure business.”
– Cimone Key
“Cimone Key has been marked legendary by Fortune 500 company, Intuit®, comparing her to Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook, Jennifer Carter Fleiss with Rent the Runway, & Palmer Luckey with Oculus VR.”