Deep Ellum’s Foundation 150TH Anniversary

Created a historical mark for Deep Ellum’s 150TH anniversary, representing their history and culture. This celebration was a year-long event. a multicolored mark was chosen to encompass their eclectic and lively nightlife.

The history of Deep Ellum can be traced back to the late 19th century when formerly enslaved people settled it as a freedman’s town after the Civil War.

It was one of the city’s first commercial districts to welcome African Americans and European immigrants, and it soon became a center for industry. The first cotton gin factory, one of Henry Ford’s earliest automobile plants, and many others found Deep Ellum their home.

It was in the 1920s that Deep Ellum started to become a destination for music, specifically jazz and the blues.

Today Deep Ellum is known as a lively hub filled with great food, music, bars, nightclubs, and more-this bustling section of the city has its unique identity and rich history.

Our creative team was tasked with designing an identity that tied to those rich and lively roots that Deep Ellum is known for.

Within the mark, you will find all the characteristics that make Deep Ellum what it is today. Music, spirits, freeman star, a map of Deep Ellum, and other icons speak for the feeling Deep Ellum leaves their visitors with—soul.