Laughter & Living

Laughter & Living helping families transform their homes into gathering places filled with smiles, laughter, and love by providing the best in home and baby goods. 

They are a family-owned business dedicated to making family life better, brighter, and more beautiful. Inspired by fun-filled family gathering in the home of co-founder Dolyce and Chris Herman, Laughter & Living was created to provide collections of home and baby goods that make it easy to fill our most important spaces with products that blend quality, sustainability, and practicality. 

Laughter & Living know that home life can get overwhelming and there are countless home and baby “solutions” out there. Our own homes and children have shown us that the wrong products can make things worse, but the right products can help the problem melt away. That’s why we handpick every piece in their collection after a stringent quality control process focused on sustainability, durability, practicality, and visual aesthetics. They only offer products that whey are proud to use in their homes, with their own families.

A brand identity, website, photography, in-store displays, and marketing collaterals were created for this project.