BH Lounge: App Design & Development

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An upscale venue in the heart of Desoto, TX


App Design
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BH Lounge is a restaurant located in Desoto, Texas serving American-based food. There was a need for a BH Lounge app once COVID-19 shut down restaurants. As they prepared to reopen, their kitchen, they kept their in-house seating closed. They needed a way to reach their audience by offering an easier way to sit in their car, grab, and go without sacrificing their health. 


Cimone Key Creative Studio helped design and build an app for BH Lounge to reach and stay connected with their audience. The app created has a built-in curbside to-go option, email sign-up to increase leads, push-out notifications on new discounts offered happening right at their fingertips. This allowed BH Lounge to increase more sales.  

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